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There are three Celebrations of The Eucharist on Sundays at the Novena Church, namely at 7.00 am, 8.30 am and 5.30 pm. On alternate Sundays, there is also a fourth Eucharistic Celebration for the Filipino community. For many years one choir served only the 8.30 am Celebration and other big Celebrations. As the congregation at the 5.30 pm Celebration grew, THE ALPHA & OMEGA , a group based at Novena Church, got its members together to sing for the evening Celebration, and thus started the St. Gerard's Choir.

This was almost 19 years ago in 1992. The Choir grew from a mere ten members to its present strength of forty and more. Besides singing at the Sunday evening Celebration, the Choir also started singing at ordinations, weddings, and other special occasions. Now the Church has bought a large organ and whenever it is played the beautiful music fills the whole Church.

Our first Choir Leader, Mr Francis Chowdhurie, is one of the original founders of the Choir. He is now our Choral Director, and conducts the Choir during the singing. We also have two other conductors - Charlotte and Jacqueline, the former being also one of our founder members. Choir members comprise Singaporeans as well as brothers and sisters from ASEAN and other countries, near and far.
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A group photo of the Choir - celebrating the birthday of our Choral Director, Francis (in brown shirt).
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