The Supper Of The Lord
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To give glory to God
The Supper Of The Lord - by St Gerard's Choir
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This page was last updated: September 5, 2011
Precious body, precious blood,
Here in bread and wine;
Here the Lord prepares the feast divine.
Bread of love is broken now,
Cup of life is poured;
Come, share the supper of the Lord.

Verse 1
This is the bread of God
Coming down from heav'n
Giving life to us, to all the world.

Verse 2
"I am the living spring
Of eternal life
You that drink from me
Shall not thirst again."

Verse 3
"I am the bread of heav'n
giving life to you;
you that eat this bread
shall never die."

Verse 4
"All those who feed on me
have their life in me,
as I have my life
in the living God."

Verse 5
All praise to You, O Christ,
present in this feast,
in this bread we share
in one life, one Lord.

The Last Supper
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