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Liturgical Music Committee (LMC)
The LMC's vision and mission is to be a co-ordinating body, providing guidance and formation to choirs by educating, training and setting up centralised resources in the Archdiocese.

Singapore's Catholic Archdiocese Internet Home Page

The official web site of the Holy See

Liturgy of the Hours
Reading for every hour of the day

Catholic Liturgy:
Comprehensive site for the Liturgy

Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi:      
Site with over 5000 images of religious works of art preserved in churches

Site for you to consider joining the vocation

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Links to sites of visitors who visited our web
Sacred Heart Church , New Jersey, USA
Andre Mazareski from Sacred Heart Church kindly provided us this link.
Greetings to the people of God in Sacred Heart Church!
Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary
Holy Rosary Cathedral Minor Basilica, Taiwan, has provided this link, and their Choir has sent greetings to our members.
One Bread One Body - by Choir's organist Steven Tan

Church of the Risen Christ has provided this link   
and this FREE Ministry website
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