Why the Canon T6 bundle is a good deal

With an epidemic of photography striking the common masses, it became very necessary to provide the people with a camera that is not only groovy but also affordable. Canon rightly captured the market and introduced its Canon Rebel T6.
It is the most suitable DSLR camera in the market today and is being chosen by both beginners and experts alike.

Purchasing a Canon T6 bundle is especially worth it when it is your first camera. It lets you save money on the accessories that you would have bought individually.

Canon T6 bundle

Other than the camera itself, the bundle more or less includes a variety of lenses, a standard tripod, extra SD cards, camera case, extra flash, macro Close-Up kit, extra batteries, home, and car charger, etc.

Quick look at some accessories

Canon T6 Lenses

Canon T6 with lens
Canon T6 with a lens

Getting extra lenses for your Canon T6 provides a wider focal length and flexibility that you need for your photography. The right lens is crucial for the perfect shot. You can choose among basic 18 to 300 mm focus lenses, 2.2× telephoto lenses or 0.43× wide angle lenses.

Additional batteries

While some other extras may be more fascinating to buy, if you are planning to use your camera for a long time outdoors, it’s necessary to purchase extra batteries because DSLRs run out of charge very soon.

Remote control screen

Having this one as a part of your bundle enables you to trigger the camera remotely and be a part of the picture while you are the one taking it!


A tripod can take your photographs to the next level, especially during low light and action shots. Getting a standard tripod in your bundle will definitely be worth it.

Extra SD card

No one likes the “Memory Full” warning whether he uses a camera or not. To overcome this, it’s important you get at least one extra SD card.


The best part about purchasing a Canon T6 bundle is that you can get only the accessories you want and need. It’s definitely worth it than buying the bundles separately as it allows you to save a lot of money.